Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for 2019

2019 is in full swing and if you’re ready to renew, renovate or remodel your kitchen or bath, here’s a list of the hottest new remodeling design trends for 2019!.


Dark, Matte Finishes: From cabinets and wall color to even appliances, we are seeing more darker hues than in years past. In contrast to the classic all-white kitchen and bath, many designers and clients are looking for a more warm and intimate setting.


Colorful Appliances: The color accent of your kitchen isn’t limited to the the backsplash tile, artwork or decorations. Many appliance manufacturers are starting to carry colorful appliances that add a fun focal point to your home’s design.

Caesarstone sinks.jpg

Statement Sinks: Combining form and function, a “statement sink” is another way to add character and style to your home. Stone, metallics, patterns and even just brightly colored, there are many beautiful sink options to add style to your kitchen and bath.


Digital Technology: As technology for the home continues to develop and improve every year, we are seeing more of it being integrated into the design of our clients homes. From smart fridges and wine stations, to touch controlled cooktops and color-changing lighting, plenty of options are available for you to have the modern home of your dreams.


Less is More: Many of our clients take the opportunity to de-clutter during a home renovation or remodel. Working that sense of minimalism into your design can make small spaces look bigger and more calming. Some designers work minimalism into the form and function of the spaces as well with handle-less cabinets and hidden appliances.

If you’re feeling inspired to renew, renovate or remodel your kitchen or bath, give the JAE Company call today to set up an appointment with our talented staff! Or come visit us at one of our Central Ohio showrooms!