Costly Mistakes in Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom is a large undertaking, filled with many potential pitfalls for homeowners. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Costly Mistakes -and how to avoid them!


  1. Not Having A Plan - Especially Before Demo Day! Your bathroom, like your kitchen, is a room full of both style AND functionality. Thus, you must have a plan for your remodel before you tear the place apart. Water and electric are costly to move, so it’s an important decision if you’re thinking about relocating your toilet, shower/tub and lighting. Even your outlets are an important consideration. Before starting your remodel with a sledgehammer, make sure you have a solid plan of attack - your budget depends on it.

  2. Not Paying A Pro. You may think you’re saving money by hiring a cheap contractor, but you run the risk of wasting money on sub-par work. Ask your soon-to-be-hired contractor for references and images of past client work. Make sure they have proper licensing and insurance. Websites like Houzz and Angie’s List can assist with this decision as well.  Remember, there’s no greater waste of money than having to complete a project twice.

  3. Putting Form Over Function. You want your new bathroom to look great, but you need to make appropriate decisions for the purpose of the space. These choices include finish materials, storage, and tiling. You want to make sure your materials can withstand the moisture and heat of a bathroom- while holding up to the needs of its everyday use.

  4. Ignoring Proper Ventilation. Without the right bathroom fan for the space, humidity can build up up on bathroom surfaces. Over time, this moisture cause paint and grout to deteriorate, and mildew to form. If you’ve got the added features of a steam shower or heated floors, make sure you’ve also invested in a proper exhaust fan.

  5. Ignoring Your Budget. It’s critical that you do your homework on what you can afford for your bathroom remodel. In addition, set aside reserve funds so that when unexpected costs pop up, they don’t shut down your project or create the stress of an unfinished bathroom. Be realistic so that you don't have to cut corners- then you and your family can be happy with the finished product!


You can avoid these 5 costly mistakes by calling the JAE Company! We have the staff and experience needed to make your bathroom remodel a positive experience. Give us a call today!

Should Your Bathroom Remodel Include A Tub? If So, What Kind?

We’ll admit, there’s a certain allure to seeing a beautiful bathtub in your new bathroom remodel. But when designing the bathroom of your dreams, plans for a grand bathtub might not be in your best interest. Here’s what to consider:

  1. What do you have room for? This is largely decided by the size of your bathroom overall, unless you plan to expand the size of the room by moving or blowing out the walls. Adding a stand-alone tub can double the footprint of your previous shower/tub, and thus is an important decision not only for style, but also for your budget.  

  2. Will you use it? Odds are if you have young children, the bathtub is an important part of your nightly routine. But as we get older, we find ourselves using the shower more and more, while that stand-alone tub just collects dust. If this is the case, you may find yourself cleaning the tub more than you use it. So ask yourself, “when was the last time I took a bath?” Or, “how many times in the last month did I fill up the tub for myself or my family?”

  3. What kind of tub best suits the style of your remodel? For the most part, there’s 3 major options here: stand-alone, alcove (embedded in 3 walls), or deck-mounted within a built-in structure. This decision should be made in conjunction with the rest of your bathroom design, as well as the space available. What will fit, and what suits the overall design?

  4. How big of a bathtub? Will a standard bathtub size meet your needs, or do you need a “soaker” tub model, or a bathtub that’s built for two? This is a simple issue of scale, as well as who will be using it. Will large adults be using the tub? If so, a soaker sized model is probably best.

  5. Resale Value: The beauty and design of a stand-alone soaker tub can attract buyers. But getting past considerations of luxury, many new home buyers are often looking for a house for their growing families- and bath tubs are key when raising young children. If at least one of your bathrooms already has a tub, then you may forgo the option of another tub in your master bath. But if the remodel is for the only bathroom in the entire house, the tub is probably an important addition- especially when you put your house back on the market.


If you’re looking for help with your bathtub decision, or with any part of the remodeling process, the staff at The JAE Company are here to help! We’ve got the people and experience to help make your dream bathroom become a reality.

Top 5 Appliances To Include In Your New Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands are known for adding additional counter space and storage to your home. But often overlooked is how an island can give you new space for the convenience of appliances! Here’s a list of some great appliance options when designing your new kitchen island.


  1. Stove Top. We do most of our hosting in the kitchen, so why not put your stove in the middle of the action? Moving the stove may help with the flow of your kitchen and free up counter space under cabinetry around the outside of the room.

  2. Sink / Wet Bar. If you’ve got a busy kitchen, moving the sink to the kitchen island can give everyone access to it. The added counter space of the island may also give you the choice of a larger sink, if that’s important to you.  Another option is to add a “wet bar” sink for additional convenience when hosting.

  3. Dishwasher. If you currently lack under-the-counter space for a dishwasher, a new kitchen island may provide the room you were looking for. And if you’ve got an especially large family, even two dishwashers can be an option in your island.

  4. Wine cooler. You may not have room for that wine cellar you’ve always dreamed about, but adding a wine cooler to your kitchen island is a welcome addition for any wine aficionado. Small beverage refrigerators such as these can be great for hosting too.

  5. Trash compactor. Nothing can ruin the beauty of a kitchen faster than a trash can, especially if you’ve got a big family. A trash compactor gives you a tidy and discreet place for waste, while helping to minimize the amount of trash you have to take to the curb on trash day.


If you don’t have space for these types of amenities in your current kitchen, a kitchen island might just be the answer you were looking for. Appliances in your kitchen island are not only convenient, but can increase the resale value of your home. Contact the JAE Company today to get started on your own kitchen island! We have the staff and expertise to help. Call today!

Clearly, Quartz is King of 2018 . . . But Why?

Quartz is Easy to Maintain

The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Naturally this is the room where the most spills and messes occur, so why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your countertops? Quartz countertops do not have the need to be sealed or polished every year creating no fuss, stress free, easy way to clean your space. Although the initial costs of quartz may seem a bit overwhelming, not needing to maintain your countertops over time proves to be more cost effective, giving you a good return on your investment.


Quartz 2.jpg

Nonporous, Stain Resistant

Some other natural stones are more porous and are prone to staining and harboring harmful bacteria within its surfaces. Because quartz is a non porous surface you do not have to worry about bacteria from leftover food, raw cooking ingredients or spills soaking into your countertop. Whether you are searching for a durable and easy-to-clean countertop in your bath or your kitchen, choosing quartz is a hassle-free choice.


Quartz 5.jpg

Strength and Durability

Although quartz is not immune to damage it is more durable than marble and granite. Because it is engineered stone and is nonporous, it is less prone to chipping, cracking, staining, scratching and staining.


Quartz 1.jpg

Multiple Style Options and Color Variety

Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, unlike granite and marble which is limited because of it being an all-natural material. During production color pigments are added creating many variations in color and styles giving you countless options to choose from.

Quartz 3.jpg

Organization Ideas For Your Kitchen!

Many of our kitchens are lacking one of the most important aspects of them all . . . Organization. An unorganized kitchen can easily cause clutter, frustration looking for lost items, wasted time, wasted space, and unnecessary stress. We chose some of our favorite organization features from KraftMaid that you can add to your home to help turn your kitchen into the kitchen you LOVE to spend time in!

The Pot and Pan Pull out shelving storage. How have we survived so long without this? It's that amazing! The pull-out shelf makes it easy to utilize every bit of space in your lower cabinets. This feature also gives you easy access to every inch of storage you have. You won't have to strain yourself searching for lost lids that have been shoved to the back anymore. When you have the pan, you need you just slide the shelve back into the cabinet and you're done! No fuss storage.


This angled spice rack drawer insert is perfect solution to keep your spices organized and easy to find! The angled shelves make it easy to grab what you need quickly! There is a small section in the back that you can store measure cups, measuring spoons or other small items. We LOVE this idea of using a drawer for spices instead traditional shelved cabinet because it is easier to find what you need while you are cooking. This is a must have feature to your kitchen organization.

K SDI ZZ11.jpg

The Pull-out Cabinet might be one of the most stylish ways of managing your waste and recycling bins ever. How wonderful would it be to store your waste and recycling bins out of sight but still easily accessible? No more hiding your waste can under the sink, or having to walk out to the garage to set your recycling aside. Keep your kitchen cleaner, less cluttered, stress free and beautiful!

K BWBT AG7L1 D58L PD001.jpg

Last but not least we have the Double layered utensil drawer. This fun feature helps you keep everything organized and in one easy to find place! By storing larger serving utensils underneath and your everyday silverware above you can double your storage in addition to keeping your counters clean and cluttered free! Now you don't need to use two drawers for your utensils!


Would any of these fun organization features be a feature in the kitchen you Love?

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